Not Mexican, But Food 4 Patriots Is Great

I know… I usually post meals about Mexican food – but lately I am looking to increase my ability to not only survive a natural disaster, but also looking to thrive. Now of course I don’t expect anything catastrophic to happen, but is not a good enough reason to not at least prepare my family in case there is a food shortage.

So what is a guy like me to do? I started watching some YT videos about long term food storage and decided I would invest in something.

I wasn’t sure what to go with, until I saw this pretty entertaining video about a 72 hour food supply from Patriot Foods, or Food 4 Patriots depending on who you ask:

The video really convinced me as to how simple it would be just have some emergency food ready – just in case. I also saw this site where people can find out all about Food4Patriots if they would prefer to read, versus watch a video.

So after actually trying a couple of brands, in addition to Food 4 Patriots, I have come to the conclusion that for the price – it is the best option.

Plus it tastes delicious… so what is not to love about that?

In fact we liked it so much after trying out the 72 hour supply, we went ahead and ordered the 3 month supply, which turns out to be a great deal if you really break it down on a meal by meal basis.

Food 4 Patriots, 3 month kit.

So, yes this site is all about Mexican food – but in general it is about food and being smart and prepared.